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The Over 50 & Beautiful - Portrait Experience

"You can be gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty, and irresistible for the rest
of your life"

~ CoCo Chanel ~

This is more than just a photo-shoot,

it's a multi-media commemoration of the grace & elegance that comes with aging. It's an embracing of the confidence of accepting every line, every crease, every grey hair.

Brandie McCord

Owner of

Quantum Imaging Photography

In over 15 years in business, I've photographed many extraordinary people from different backgrounds, age groups, ethnicities, & walks of life – and one group that I've truly enjoyed my time with – is mature women over 50.


I am thrilled & honored to bring to you the “Over 50 & Beautiful” - Portrait experience. This event is a multi-media commemoration of the grace & elegance that comes with aging. It's an embracing of the confidence of accepting every line, every crease, every grey hair. Because behind those grey hairs are stories & a vast world of experience that begs to be shared!

for the
Rate of:


Your Session Includes:

  • A private deluxe Portrait -session in our sanitized Crown Point Home-Studio - with choice or personalized music playlist.

  • A Pre-Session Phone Consultation where we'll discuss the desired styling & mood of your session & how you'd like to be photographed. I'll also interview you about what it means to be a woman over 50 in today’s world. I'll want to know about your greatest life-lessons, accomplishments that you're most proud of, what your thoughts on beauty are, & what advice you'd give to all of the younger women out there who are craving encouragement & insight.

  • 5 High-Resolution digital images that reflect your own personal style of beauty. Is your “Over 50 & Beautiful - fun & flirty? Is it reserved, regal, elegant? Is it quirky & off-beat? This will be the time to unveil the TRUE & BEST version of yourself to everyone!

  • Inclusion in Quantum Imaging Photography's first 3-D digital Magazine - “Noblesse – a Photographic Open Letter to Daughters” - which will be published in December of 2022.

  • Your own official magazine spread - published on our website & social media outlets, & then sent to you directly in multiple formats - to share with and inspire others!

  • Inclusion in our commemorative recap video – showcasing every aspect of our “Over 50 & Beautiful” journey together - from snippets of you preparing behind the scenes – to poetic glances of your beauty displayed in front of the lens!

We have additional options to enhance your experience – such as professional make-up, wardrobe enhancements, fine-art prints, and so much more!

What You Can Expect

Are you ready to begin this journey of  inspiration & re-discovery? Here are the next steps!
  • 1. Read the detailed fact-sheet by clicking the link below.

            It is imperative to you understanding what's involved & whether 

            or not this experience is truly for you.  

  • 2. Book the right package. If you are booking the basic OFAB Portrait session for yourself - with no add-ons, please click here.

        If you are taking advantage of the "Fabulous Friends Over 50 "     

        discount & booking for yourself and a friend, please click here.

         If you are interested in booking with 3 or more, or having an

         Over 50 & Beautiful - Girls' Night Out, & want to know about

         all the extras &  freebies involved, click this button to  contact us.

Me Headshot 4_pp.jpg

I'm so excited to embark on this journey with you.

Let’s celebrate the truth that beauty doesn’t diminish with age!


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